Bestbytest.net was created to find the best things. We have compiled an extensive list of things to be ranked by you! With every vote cast, our rankings become more accurate. Check out the current best and worst things here.

We believe some truths lie within all of us. People are subjective, and while individuals may have biased opinions about whether apples or oranges are better than one another, as a collective we can reduce this bias and narrow in on the truth.

The wisdom of crowds phenomenon only works, however, if we are gathering opinions from a diverse range of people with differing perspectives. So please, share this website with not only friends and family, but also your enemies and people you do not respect. For if we want to know the truth about what is best, we will need everybody.

The phrase “best by test” was most famously coined by former World Chess Champion, Bobby Fischer, referring to the opening chess move ‘1. e4’ being the best move because it was the most common move!

Bestbytest.net uses Mark Glickman’s Glicko2 rating system to help determine rating changes after a vote has been cast. The Glicko2 implementation used was created by Zarel.

Please contact info@bestbytest.net if you have any questions.